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The Optima Health™ toolbox provides you with some easy access resources to help you manage workplace health and well-being issues effectively. When using the Toolbox resources, please be aware of your organisation’s specific HR and Health and Safety policies and consult your HR team if in any doubt about whether a particular resource is suitable for your needs.

Work/life balance tool

The work/life balance tool is an easy to use questionnaire which can help employees identify issues and improve their work/life balance.  Click here to access the tool.

The work life balance tool looks at those psychological elements that have been found to provide greater personal resilience in the workplace. It is not meant to be a psychometric questionnaire but has been developed to provide a quick snapshot of how you are coping with your work/life situation and includes some helpful tips and tactics to improve your scores.

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Optima Health podcast series

The Optima Health podcast series provides information about various topics and gives tips and advice about managing absence and supporting employees. To access the podcasts by Lucy Wright, Chief Medical Officer click here.

Additional services

We also provide a comprehensive range of tailored services to help you manage workplace health issues efficiently and effectively. Some of our most popular services are listed below. If you would like more information or to purchase any of these services, you can make a Bespoke Referral on our Online Portal.

Additional services available include

Organisational stress survey – a systematic method for assessing the levels of stress in teams/organisations, identifying key issues and recommending actions to address them

Building resilience workshops – training and development designed to increase the coping skills and capability of individuals and teams, particularly useful to support change

Jo Brand mental health awareness – video content featuring the comedian (and ex-psychiatric nurse) Jo Brand, helping raise awareness of mental health issues in the workplace in an innovative and entertaining way. Available in workshop or e-learning formats