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Cycle to Work Day

8th August 2019
This month will see Cycle to Work Day taking place, billed as “the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event”. From a health and wellbeing perspective it is a great way to promote more active commuting and to reflect how, as an employer, . . .
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World Breastfeeding Week

6th August 2019
Returning to work after having had a baby is always going to be challenging emotionally and physically. But with World Breastfeeding Week taking place this month, it is an opportune moment for employers to revisit the health and wellbeing support they . . .
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World Lung Cancer Day

31st July 2019
It is World Lung Cancer Day during August. With research suggesting a quarter of people who suspect they may have a lung condition ignore getting it checked out by a doctor employers have an important role to play in promoting the . . .
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World Hepatitis Day

26th July 2019
World Hepatitis Day on 28 July is an opportunity for employers to reiterate the importance of safe occupational and workplace health practices around blood-borne disease transmission. This is especially the case if your organisation uses sharps or if employees may be . . .
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Samaritans – Talk To Us

24th July 2019
Every July, Samaritans branches across the UK and Ireland hold local events to talk about their services as part of its “Talk to Us” initiative. This is something employers can embrace from a health and wellbeing perspective as part of helping . . .
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National Simplicity Day

12th July 2019
As we head into the summer holiday season, we could perhaps learn something from America’s “National Simplicity Day” this month about properly switching off from work, including the health and wellbeing benefits of mindfulness, slowing down and “taking a moment”. Employee . . .
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National Sunglasses Day

26th June 2019
Perhaps it’s unsurprising that National Sunglasses Day this month, on 27 June, is an American invention. But even if it has yet to catch on as “a thing” in Britain, there are important employee health and wellbeing and eye health messages . . .
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Healthy Eating Week

19th June 2019
It is estimated more than 1.25 million Britons are living with an eating disorder. With the British Nutrition Foundation’s “Healthy Eating Week” taking place this month, now is a good time for employers to be reflecting on how they can better . . .
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Love Your Lungs Week

12th June 2019
Occupational cancer is estimated to cause as many as 742,000 deaths worldwide each year, with exposure to dusty environments – silica and flour dust and asbestos particularly – especially to blame. With concern also growing around the carcinogenic effects of air . . .
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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

5th June 2019
Next week is Cervical Screening Awareness Week. It makes sense now to be preparing the groundwork for any targeted fundraising or health promotion activities you are running in your organisation to raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening. The week . . .
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